Performance Management

Last Updated 01/03
Applies to Administrators and Staff
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The University values the contributions of all employees and strives to provide an environment where those contributions can be acknowledged. To that end, regular and open communication between employees and supervisors is necessary to provide the necessary information and tools to ensure that each employee has the opportunity for success on the job.

Performance Expectations

The University expects a high level of performance, professionalism, and accountability from staff and administrators. Communication between a manager and employee regarding performance-related issues should occur on a regular basis and a formal performance review, including a plan for employee development, should be conducted annually.

Coaching and Counseling

Employees are encouraged to ask questions and request guidance from their supervisors whenever needed, and, through coaching, supervisors are encouraged to provide regular feedback to employees on their performance and on their continued development.

When performance falls below expectations, supervisors may use a more formal counseling approach to address the performance issue. Counseling should be documented in writing and kept in the supervisor’s files for future reference.

Coaching and Counseling Procedures

Corrective Action – Administrators

When an administrator fails to meet communicated expectations and coaching, counseling, and development plans fail to assist the administrator in achieving the expected level of performance, resolutions up to and including termination of employment may occur. Supervisors should consult with an HR Consultant for assistance in such cases.

Corrective Action Procedures – Administrators

Corrective Action – Staff

When coaching, counseling, and development plans fail to assist a staff employee in achieving the expected level of performance, or when behavior or conduct is severe enough to require immediate corrective action, the University follows a policy of progressive discipline for staff employees consisting of a four-step process:

  • First Level Warning
  • Second Level Warning
  • Suspension without Pay
  • Termination

Supervisors should consult with a HR Consultant for guidance when pursuing a course of corrective action. Supervisors must contact your HR Consultant before any termination of employment occurs.

Corrective Action Procedures – Staff

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