Payroll Advances

Last Updated 11/19
Applies to Administrators, Faculty, and Staff
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Payroll advances are primarily intended to facilitate the processing of an initial salary/wage payment to a new University employee or faculty member whose requisite employment forms may not have been processed in sufficient time for a regularly scheduled payday. Payroll advances are not issued, including the early release of checks, prior to an employee’s departure for vacation or extended leave.

Pay advances may be issued for:

  • An individual who has a severe financial hardship such as a family medical emergency, threatened foreclosure or eviction from a primary residence, or termination of utilities may qualify for a payroll advance.


  • Individuals requesting a pay advance must submit a written request which includes the circumstances of the request, the amount requested, and the proposed plans for repayment.
  • Faculty requests are submitted to the Office of the Provost for consideration.
  • Employee requests are submitted first to the individual’s supervisor for approval.

Any person receiving a financial hardship advance with repayment terms extending beyond the next paycheck will be required to sign a Promissory Note agreeing to repay the advance and an Authorization of Deduction from Wages allowing the University to deduct the repayments from future earnings.

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