Pay Periods

Last Updated 11/18
Applies to Faculty and Staff
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The University uses several different pay periods for the various categories of employees as follows:


Payments are deposited on the last day of each month.

Applies to: Faculty


Payments are deposited on the 15th and last day of each month.

Applies to: Exempt and Non-Exempt Salaried Staff

Effective 11/1/18: To better comply with federal compensation and timekeeping regulations, all non-exempt new hires and transfers will be paid on the hourly, bi-weekly pay cycle. The non-exempt salaried category will no longer be used.


Payments are deposited every other Friday.

Applies to: Non-Exempt Hourly Staff

In the event a regularly scheduled payday falls on a weekend (Monthly or Semi-monthly) or holiday, checks are issued on the last work day before the regularly scheduled payday.

Additional information on various University pay cycles may be obtained from Payroll Services at 631-7575 or by visiting the Payroll website.

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