Parental Leave

Effective Date: July 1, 2016
Applies to Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff

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Family and Medical Leave Act
Short Term Income Replacement – Exempt
Short Term Income Replacement – Non-Exempt


The University offers four (4) weeks of 100% paid Parental Leave to eligible exempt and non-exempt staff for the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child(ren). The purpose of Parental Leave is to give parents additional flexibility and time to bond with their child(ren), adjust to the new family situation and balance their professional and work obligations.


This benefit is available immediately to regular full-time exempt and non-exempt staff. Part-time non-exempt staff, temporary, and on-call employees are not eligible for paid parental leave. Faculty may request parental leave through applying for Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) by calling the Office of Human Resources at 574-631-5900.

Benefit Provisions

The benefit may be used for birth, adoption, or foster-care placement of a minor child(ren) (under the age of 18).

Parent includes biological parent or same gender spousal equivalent. An individual who adopts a spouse’s child(ren) is not eligible for this benefit.

Parental Leave may be taken immediately following the disability period or birth. The disability period for birth of child generally allows for up to six to eight weeks of paid leave for mothers. Parental Leave provides up to an additional four weeks of paid leave. When combined, the disability period and the Parental Leave may total ten to twelve weeks of paid leave for new mothers.

The four weeks must be used in one-week increments and may be used at any time within the 12-months following the birth, adoption or foster-care placement.

There can only be one Parental Leave per staff member in a 12-month period.

If both parents are employed at Notre Dame, they may take the Parental Leave concurrently or at separate times, according to their preference.

Any unused Parental Leave at the conclusion of the twelve months following the qualifying event will be considered used or forfeited.

Parental Leave cannot be used on an intermittent leave basis.


Requesting Parental Leave

Staff are expected to work with their manager to determine when the leave will be taken, provide notice in writing of the approximate dates of desired parental leave, and should include documentation to support the qualifying event.

Reporting Use of Parental Leave

  • Non-Exempt Hourly paid staff – Parental Leave is reported on the time card or electronic timekeeping system.
  • Exempt Staff – A record of Parental Leave is maintained in MyTimeOff.