Non-Notre Dame Tuition Reimbursement

Last Updated 11/2018
Applies to Exempt and Non-exempt Staff


The University offers educational benefits to assist staff in achieving their educational and career goals. The benefit plan is intended to be an “educational assistance program” and an accountable plan within the meaning of sections 127 and 162 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.


This benefit provides reimbursement for:

  • Tuition for courses taken at an accredited institution towards an undergraduate or graduate degree. Maximum reimbursement for the benefit year is $3,000.
  • Job-related certification or trade training. Maximum reimbursement for the benefit year is $1,000.

For purposes of this policy, a benefit year begins in July and continues through June of the following year. Reimbursement will be applied to the fiscal year in which the final documents are received.


  • Full time exempt and non-exempt staff upon employment
  • Continued employment throughout the entire course


Eligible participants must also meet the following requirements:

Undergraduate or Graduate Courses

  • Staff must be pursuing a post-secondary education to achieve an undergraduate or graduate degree that is part of an approved program at an accredited institution. Doctoral programs are included.
  • The course must be in a field reasonably related to present or probable future work assignments at the University of Notre Dame as determined by immediate supervisors.
  • Courses that do not have direct job applicability but are required as part of an approved degree program qualify for reimbursement if they represent a sound academic commitment on the part of the student while pursuing both educational and work goals.
  • Courses must be taken during non-work hours.
  • A grade of C or better must be earned.


  • This benefit covers courses or training providing continuing education units (CEUs) towards a job-related credential. Examples include:
    • Certified Public Accountancy
    • American Culinary Federation
    • Society for Human Resource Management
  • The benefit also covers trade training required to obtain or maintain a certification in a technical skill that is physical or mechanical in nature where such skill is necessary for one’s job. Examples include:
    • Automotive Technology at Ivy Tech Community College
    • Weightlifting coaching
  • This benefit does not cover training that is required by law, testing fees, seminars or conferences, or any training that is more appropriately covered by a department’s professional development and/or travel budget.
  • Classes should be taken during non-work hours unless the University determines that the necessary class is available only during the employee’s scheduled work hours and operational needs can continue to be met.
  • Evidence of successful staff member’s completion of training or certification must be provided before reimbursement is made. Examples include certificate received or documentation of CEUs provided towards the relevant credential.


An appropriate application form must be completed and submitted before registering for a course as follows:

Applicant Form Submit To Frequency
Exempt or Non-Exempt Staff * Non-Notre Dame Tuition Reimbursement Form First to Supervisor then to the Office of Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall Each semester

*Form should be submitted before registering for a course.

Additional Program Information

  • This benefit covers tuition only. Fees, textbooks and other costs are not covered.
  • Upon completion of a course, training class, or certification, the final grade (or proof of successful completion for the $1,000 benefit) must be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for reimbursement with an itemized receipt showing payment by the staff member.
  • In the event more tuition reimbursements are requested than funds available, reimbursements are paid to employees in the order that the forms were received.
  • If a staff member is also receiving the Fred Freeman Scholarship or any other tuition-based scholarship, they should work with the Office of Human Resources to coordinate payments. The Fred Freeman Scholarship and other scholarships would pay first.


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