Long-Term Care Insurance

Prudential is no longer offering enrollment into Group Long-Term Care Insurance (GLTC) plans.

If you are a current certificate holder, the terms and conditions of your coverage provided under your existing GLTC insurance certificate will not change, although premium rates may change on a class basis to all insureds in your class. Any change in premium rates may be subject to review by the appropriate state regulatory agency.

Prudential is committed to ensuring that you will continue to receive customer service and claims support as you always have, and they will continue to allow plan changes that are permitted by our certificate.

The University will continue Payroll deductions for current enrolled faculty, staff, and their spouses.

Portability – Leaving the University

Long term care coverage is a portable benefit. This means you can maintain coverage if you choose to leave the University. Coverage will be maintained as long as you and your spouse continue to pay applicable premiums. You will receive information from Prudential about maintaining your coverage.


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