Leave of Absence, Military

Last Updated 02/19
Applies to Faculty and Staff
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The University provides a military leave of absence to any regular, full-time faculty or staff member who is called upon to serve on active duty.

Faculty and staff who take a military leave for Reserve or National Guard training are eligible for up to two (2) weeks of pay. In addition, any regular faculty or staff member who takes a military leave for extended active duty is eligible for up to twelve (12) weeks of paid leave. All other military leave time is unpaid. An employee taking a military leave has the option to either use their vacation and personal days during the military leave, or go unpaid. All such leaves are consistent with the provisions of the Indiana Military Family Leave Act and if applicable, the Family and Medical Leave Act.


The term “paid leave” for purposes of this policy means that the University will pay the difference between the employee’s military pay and the employee’s University pay (if the military pay is less). Proof of military pay is required.

Benefits Continuation During Leave

Employees on military leave, whether paid or unpaid, may elect to continue their current health insurance at their normal contribution rates for up to six (6) months. Thereafter, employees may elect to continue their current health insurance for an additional six (6) months at full cost to the employee. After twelve (12) months, employees on military leave will be offered the opportunity to continue their health insurance at full cost in accordance with COBRA regulations.


Upon release from military service, regular employees who wish to return to the University are generally entitled to reinstatement to either their previous position or a position with like seniority, status, and pay – depending on the length of the employee’s military service and the University’s operational needs. Any faculty or staff member who does not notify the University of their intent to return within the time frame below shall be deemed to have resigned.

The reinstatement rights as described in this policy are available provided that the employee’s period of military service does not exceed five years and provided that the employee has not been separated from the military with a less than honorable discharge or otherwise excluded by law.

Employees returning from military leave are entitled to the seniority they would have attained had their employment with the University been continuous.

To be eligible for reinstatement, an employee must have provided advance notice of their need for military leave and, upon returning from military leave, must provide timely notice of intent to return in accordance with the following schedule:

Length of Leave Time in Which to Notify University of Intent to Return
30 days or less Within 3 days after completion of military service OR on the first University work day after completion of service, whichever is longer
31 to 180 days Within 14 days after completion of military service
More than 180 days Within 90 days after completion of military service



Employees requesting a Military Leave of Absence should promptly notify their immediate supervisor indicating the anticipated dates of the leave. Copies of military orders only need to be submitted for an active duty military leave.


Non-exempt Staff – Supervisors must report paid military leaves through the electronic timekeeping system or on a Report of Absences or Overtime Worked form, whichever is applicable. If the military leave is unpaid for two weeks or longer, a Leave of Absence form must be submitted by supervisors.

Faculty and Exempt Staff – Supervisors must submit a Leave of Absence Form for any paid and unpaid Military Leaves of Absence for faculty and exempt staff.

Supervisors may use the Military Leave Supervisor Checklist to assist them in this process.

Hiring Replacement Employees During Military Leave

As discussed above, employees who take military leave generally will be reinstated to their previous or a comparable position upon return from leave. Therefore, to provide maximum flexibility upon the employee’s return from leave, every effort should be made to utilize on-call or temporary personnel during an employee’s military leave. The hiring of a regular employee should be considered only after exhausting the possibility of temporary personnel. When hiring a replacement, the position should be described as a temporary replacement for an employee on military leave.


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