Funeral/Bereavement Leave

Last Updated 10/2018
Applies to Exempt and Non-exempt Staff


Regular full-time and part-time staff are provided funeral leave without loss of pay for the purposes of attention to immediate arrangements, travel to and from the site of the services, and for attendance at appropriate services for a family member’s death. Time allotment is based on the following guidelines:

Relationship Allotment
Staff member’s spouse, child, step-child, parent, step-parent, parent of spouse Five work days
Staff member’s or the staff member’s spouse’s: sibling, step-sibling, daughter/son-in-law, step-daughter/son-in-law, grandparent, step-grandparent, or grandchild, step-grand child Three work days
Staff member’s aunt, uncle, niece or nephew One work day
Staff member’s cousin, brother/sister-in-law by marriage (e.g., the spouse’s sister’s husband) One-half work day


Funeral pay is calculated on the staff member’s base pay rate at the time of absence. If the death occurs while the staff member is on vacation, the staff member is compensated for the funeral benefit and vacation time can then be rescheduled through the supervisor. In circumstances where additional time off is granted, the time taken is paid from available vacation or personal days. Once paid time is exhausted, such additional time would be considered unpaid leave. Funeral benefits are not available to staff who are on an approved, paid or unpaid leave of absence:


Requests for Funeral Leave

Staff are expected to work with their manager to determine when funeral leave will be taken. Requests for funeral leave by notifying their supervisor of the death and specifying the relationship to the deceased, the date, and location of the funeral. Requests for additional time off due to the death of a family member or death of a friend should also be made to the supervisor. In circumstances where concern exists regarding a staff member’s attendance record, the supervisor may require verification of attendance at the funeral.


The staff member’s relationship to the deceased should be noted on the report or timecard as appropriate.

  • Non-Exempt Hourly paid staff – Funeral Leave is reported on the time card or electronic timekeeping system.
  • Exempt Staff – A record of Parental Leave is maintained within their department by the supervisor.

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