Employment Separations

Last Updated 02/2006
Applies to Administrators and Staff
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The Office of Human Resources should be contacted when the need to eliminate an administrative or staff position is identified, whether due to lack of funding, department restructuring, or other operational reasons. In determining positions to be eliminated and incumbents affected, consideration should be given to the:

  • Specific skills or qualifications necessary for department operations
  • Demonstration of superior performance by incumbents
  • Seniority of incumbents

Specific skills and/or superior performance must be clearly documented to ensure that the University does not discriminate, intentionally or unintentionally, based on race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

Advance notice of layoff should be given as early as possible to provide ample time for employees to seek other employment on or off campus. Generally, at least a 60-day notice is preferred, and may be required in some cases.

Departments should provide written notification to affected employees indicating the specific reason for the layoff, effective date of the layoff, last day to be worked, and contact information for the employee regarding possible placement elsewhere on campus and the status of their benefit programs. Employees who are laid off are entitled to all accumulated vacation time up to the point of separation.

Involuntary Termination

Involuntary termination generally refers to those based on an employee’s unsatisfactory performance or behavior on the job. Terminations are most often the final step when previous attempts to correct the performance or behaviors have failed to produce the desired improvements. The University provides guidance to managers on how to handle and document unsatisfactory performance through coaching, counseling, the Corrective Action Process for staff employees, and the Performance Management Process for administrators. Information on these policies is available at:

Performance Management Policy

When an involuntary termination of an administrator or staff member is considered, managers should contact their HR Consultant in the Office of Human Resources before such action is taken.

Voluntary Resignation or Transfer

A 2-week written notice of resignation for staff and 4 weeks for administrators is generally expected when an employee voluntarily ends employment with the University or transfers to a different department within the University. This notice period may be modified by mutual agreement between the affected parties.

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