Employee Recognition

Last Updated 01/03
Applies to Administrators and Staff


The University values the diverse contributions made by staff to its continued success as an institution of higher education and strives to recognize administrators and staff for their many contributions exemplifying the values of the University.

Reward and Recognition programs create a positive work environment, improve employee morale and motivate high performance.

At the University of Notre Dame, our philosophy regarding Rewards and Recognition programs is to create a culture of appreciation and celebration.

University Recognition Programs

Our programs are currently being redesigned to:

  • Align with the Core Values and organizational goals
  • Present a memorable and meaningful experience for the recipient
  • Provide consistent guidelines across the organization
  • Attract, develop, empower and retain individuals
  • Integrate with our performance culture

Departmental Recognition

Supervisors are encouraged to recognize employees for their achievements whether through day-to-day positive feedback or through more formalized means of recognition for a ‘job-well-done,’ as well as through the annual Performance Review process. HR Business Partners are available in the Office of Human Resources to assist supervisors in exploring methods of recognizing and rewarding employees.

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