Employee File

Last Updated 02/2006
Applies to Administrators and Staff


The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the maintenance of records pertaining to University employees. Personnel files are maintained for each employee containing records related to employment, compensation, benefits, performance reviews, corrective action, retirement, and other pertinent documentation.

Access to Employee Files

Current employees have the right to review the material contained in their personnel file. Employees wishing to review their file should contact their HR Consultant in the Office of Human Resources to schedule an appointment.

Changes in Information

It is an important responsibility of each employee to promptly notify the Office of Human Resources of any changes in personal data such as: legal name, change in marital status, personal mailing address, home telephone number, number and name(s) of dependents, individual(s) to contact in case of emergency, and any other personal information needed for income tax, benefits, or other employment purposes. This notification should occur within 30 days following the change.


The University respects individual rights to privacy and, to the extent possible, preserves confidentiality of employment information.

Departmental Employee Files

Departments may choose to keep departmental employee files within the department. Current employees should have the opportunity to review these files. An employee wishing to do so should make an appointment with his/her supervisor. All information contained within the file must be work related and factual.

Release of Information on Current/Former Employees

The information contained in personnel records is used to respond to inquiries from third parties about former or current employees (such as credit and prospective employment references). The Office of Human Resources is responsible for providing responses to these types of requests and will only confirm dates of employment, wage rate, and positions held. Release of more specific information is at the sole discretion of the University and may be provided as required by law or upon receipt of a detailed written release signed by the employee. All such requests for information must be referred to the Office of Human Resources.

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