Dual Career Assistance Program

Last Updated 11/12
Applies to Administrators and Faculty


The University recognizes that when recruiting faculty or staff, it is increasingly important to consider the employment needs of the spouse or partner. The University has established a Dual Career Assistance Program through the Office of the Provost and Human Resources. The program is designed to assist the spouse or partner of a newly recruited full time, permanent faculty or staff member who is being employed by the University through a regional or national recruitment effort who is relocating to our area to identify potential employment opportunities in the community or at the University of Notre Dame. This office also assists spouses or partners of continuing faculty who may be seeking job search assistance due to becoming unemployed. The Dual Career Assistance Program complements other family-friendly benefits and services offered to university employees.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in this program, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be a spouse or partner of a new permanent faculty or staff member who is being employed by the University through a regional or national recruitment effort or a spouse or partner of a continuing faculty member who is seeking job search assistance.
  • The Office of the Provost, Deans, Department Chairs, Vice Presidents or department heads must make the referral for services.

Priority is given to those individuals whose spouses or partners have been employed at the University less than one year. For those not eligible for all services, spouses or partners may still be able to secure information about local employers and community network partners.

Services Provided

The following services are available through the Dual Career Assistance Office. These services will be offered on an individual basis unless due to the volume of clients, it becomes necessary to conduct group workshops:

  • Pre-Offer spousal consultations during the interviewing stage
  • Job search assistance
  • Networking on your behalf with our network partners and provide networking assistance
  • Access to job openings at the University
  • Resume/Curriculum vitae and cover letter critique
  • Assistance with interviewing techniques and salary negotiations
  • Information about local employment demographics
  • Additional resources to assist families in transition


  • The Office of the Provost, Deans, Department Chairs, Vice Presidents or department heads contact the Dual Career Assistance Program Manager to make a referral and provide basic information about the status of a search and/or an offer of employment. Basic information about the spouse or partner and how to contact them is provided at this time.
  • An initial consultation is conducted with the spouse or partner to discuss his or her employment interests, skills and abilities. Face to face meetings are encouraged. If not practical, phone, videoconferencing or e-mail initial consultations are also available.
  • The services offered through the Dual Career Assistance Program will be customized to fit individual needs.
  • Assistance will be given in identifying appropriate employment opportunities and networking contacts. An individual’s own job search efforts and follow-up are crucial to the success of this program.

Coordination Among Colleges and Departments:

Through extensive communication and coordination among the various colleges and departments within the University, the Dual Career Assistance Office may identify a new position that will benefit more than one college or department. A dean or department head must initiate discussions that involve the development of a new position and be prepared to provide a significant portion of the funding. The department where the position would be located must agree to the position and be accepting of the spousal candidate. Additional temporary funding for new positions can be requested from the Office of the Provost in the case of faculty spouses or partners or the Office of the Executive Vice President in the case of administrative staff spouses or partners. A commitment to shared funding for a period of up to three years is expected.

Community Network Partners:

The Dual Career Assistance Program Program Manager will maintain relationships with key community and business leaders in order to build strong relationships for networking. Spouses/Partners may be referred to these network partners as potential employment opportunities are identified. Every effort will be made to continue to enhance the network in order to include a diverse group of employers from various business disciplines. Referrals however are not limited to network partners.

Conditions & Limitations:

While the University of Notre Dame will make every effort to assist spouses or partners who are seeking employment, the services of The Dual Career Assistance Program will be governed by the following conditions:

  • Assistance may in no way interfere with or compromise the integrity of the University’s policies and practices.
  • Assistance remains in compliance with all affirmative action and EEOC requirements.
  • Assistance is not necessarily a guarantee, entitlement or a promise of employment.
  • Assistance will be extremely hampered if a client does not have authorization to work in the United States.

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact:

The Dual Career Assistance Program
University of Notre Dame
200 Grace Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556-5612

Telephone: (574) 631-1858

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