Disability Retirement - Staff

Last Updated 04/03
Applies to Staff
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The University provides a disability retirement benefit to protect eligible staff members from loss of income in the event they become permanently, continuously, and totally disabled. Disability is defined as the inability to engage in any work for pay or profit due to bodily injury or disease.


To be eligible, the staff member must:

  • Be a participant in the Staff Pension Plan,
  • Have at least five (5) years of vested service,
  • Have become disabled while an active employee of the University as certified by the University’s Long Term Disability Insurance provider, and
  • Be approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

Benefits cease if the staff member recovers from their disability before age 65.

Benefit Calculation

The disability retirement benefit is determined as if the staff member had reached age 65 on the day the disability began. The calculation is based on final average pay, years of credited service, and the multiplier in effect at the time employment ends due to the disability.


Application Process

Application for disability retirement is made through the Office of Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall, where plan documents and further details may also be obtained.

Applications for disability retirement benefits require the following steps:

  • File for Social Security disability benefits.
  • If approved for Social Security disability or Long Term Disability benefits by the University’s insurance provider, the University will approve disability retirement
  • If approved, a benefit payment option must be selected.
  • Maintain current address and beneficiary information with the Office of Human Resources.

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