Disability, Long-Term

Last Updated 1/2020
Applies to Faculty, Exempt and Non-exempt Staff
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The University provides long-term disability benefits to eligible, full-time and part-time faculty and staff in the event of total disability for a period of time greater than six months.


To be eligible to be a participant, the faculty or staff member is generally required to complete one year of continuous employment at the University. This condition may be waived if the individual:

  • was insured under a prior employer’s group Long Term Disability insurance policy, and
  • if the prior policy provided income benefits for five (5) or more years of disability, and
  • if the individual was insured under the prior policy within 3 months before being eligible for the University’s plan.
  • The decision to award the long-term disability benefit is made by the Plan Administrator.


The long-term disability benefit is 60% of the faculty or staff member’s base salary, up to a maximum total benefit amount of $12,000 per month. This disability pay is reduced by other applicable benefits such as Social Security, pension plan benefits or workers’ compensation.

Application for Benefits

When a faculty or staff member anticipates that a disability will extend beyond six (6) continuous months, they should contact The Standard at 1-800-378-2395 or online at standard.com. Application should also be made for Social Security disability benefits or any Workers’ Compensation benefits at the same time.

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