Direct Deposit and Tax Withholding - Online

Last Updated 04/14
Applies to Faculty, Staff, Temporary and Student Employees
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All faculty, staff, temporary, and student employees hired by the University must complete Tax Withholding and Direct Deposit elections online through InsideND.


1. Complete your direct deposit information in insideND

Complete your direct deposit enrollment with the “Direct Deposit” Quick App on insideND. Direct Deposit Instructions (PDF).

A paper check will be produced for anyone unable to complete this process for the applicable pay period. You may pick up your check at Payroll Services, 724 Grace Hall, upon completion of your online direct deposit election. A picture ID must be presented on-site to pick up your check.

2. Complete your federal and state tax withholding information in insideND

Complete your federal and state tax withholding information using the “Tax Withholding Elections” Quick App on insideND.

  • State/County withholding (IN and MI residents): all University employees who will reside in Michigan or Indiana during employment must complete state withholding information through insideND, the University’s employee self-service website. State/County Withholding Instructions (PDF).
  • State/County withholding (residents of other states): University employees who both reside and work outside of Indiana or Michigan should contact Payroll Services at 574-631-7575 prior to submitting their state/county withholding elections.

If withholding information is not entered prior to the closing of a pay period, withholdings for that pay period will automatically be defaulted to the maximum withholding amount. You may update your withholdings at any time to be effective during the next possible pay period.

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