Corrective Action Procedures - Exempt Staff

Last Updated 01/03
Applies to Exempt Staff
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The University expects a high level of performance, professionalism, and accountability from each administrator. Exempt staff are expected to maintain a routine work schedule, however, due to the nature of the work being performed hours and work schedules may vary. Communication regarding performance and attendance/punctuality issues should occur on a regular basis between a manager and exempt staff member who reports to them. There is a formal, annual performance review process that is designed to reinforce success and address specific areas for improvement.

While communication of performance and attendance/punctuality problems may be done verbally, it also should be documented in writing as a resource for future reference if needed. Failure to meet communicated standards and expectations, or any kind of gross misconduct by an exempt staff member, may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment. Depending on the particular circumstances, termination may occur for a first offense.

Exempt staff should discuss issues and concerns that arise throughout the year with their immediate supervisor and, if unresolved, with the next level of management and upward, as appropriate. The appropriate officer responsible for the functional unit where the employee works will provide the University’s final response to any issue involving an exempt staff member. The Corrective Action Procedure – Non-Exempt Staff and the Complaint Procedure for Non-Exempt Staff do not apply to exempt staff.

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