Adoption Benefit

Applies to Faculty and Staff
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Family and Medical Leave Act
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The University of Notre Dame is pleased to be recognized as a 2018 Adoption-Friendly Workplace by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption for:


The University offers reimbursement for adoption expenses to full-time faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff after one year of service. The effective date of the plan is July 1, 1998 and only expenses incurred on or after that date are eligible for reimbursement.


Eligible faculty and staff may receive reimbursement of adoption expenses up to $3,000 per adoption, with a maximum of two (2) adoptions per year, for incurred expenses to legally adopt a child under age 18 who is not their biological child or their spouse’s biological child. Expenses related to surrogate births are not eligible for reimbursement. Adoption expenses will be reimbursed under this policy only if the faculty or staff member has one year of service at Notre Dame on the date the adoption is final.

Covered adoption expenses include:

  • Legal fees (including court fees)
  • Medical expenses of birth mother
  • Agency or placement fees
  • Health care expenses for the child
  • Immigration fees

If adoption expenses have been paid through another plan (e.g., spouse’s adoption benefit or other agency) the University may not reimburse the faculty or staff member. Coordination of those benefits should be made through the Office of Human Resources. Time off related to an adoption may also be available as described in the Family and Medical Leave Act policy.

The adoption benefit may be considered taxable income. Faculty and staff should contact a tax advisor about both the potential tax impact of this benefit and possible eligibility for an Adoption Tax Credit. The benefit may be modified or terminated by the University at any time and at its sole discretion.


Once the adoption is finalized, complete the Adoption Benefit Claim form and submit with all itemized bills and receipts for expenses to the Office of Human Resources.

Adoption Benefit Claim Form

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