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Last Updated 12/02
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Rev. Edward F. Sorin , a missionary priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross, established the University of Notre Dame du Lac in 1842. Fr. Sorin arrived in America from his native France accompanied by seven religious Brothers from France and Ireland. In choosing the name “Notre Dame”, French for “Our Lady” — Mary, the Mother of God — Father Sorin defined the mission of his university as follows: To be a community of teacher-scholars in service not only to the natural truths of the arts and sciences but also to the transcendent truth of faith. This University, Sorin predicted, would become “a powerful force for good” — and so it strives to be, even now, more than 160 years after its founding.

Faithful to its mission, Notre Dame is actively and unabashedly Catholic — in its proclamation of faith, its culture and traditions, and its concept of community. Indeed, this emphasis on community explains why Notre Dame has historically fostered a sense of family in its institutional life. Also historically, this Catholic community of learning has welcomed those of all beliefs and outlooks to contribute their energy and talents to the pursuit of its mission. What the University asks of all employees is recognition of and respect for its Catholic mission and the willingness to work in a manner consistent with this mission.

Education is the work of the University, and all employees, whatever their specific role, contribute to the learning environment. As an institution committed to the education of the whole person, the University also hopes to foster personal as well as occupational growth for its employees. The beauty of the campus, the community emphasis on development of spirit, mind and body, and the specific educational, health and recreational opportunities available to employees make the University a highly desirable work environment. Each employee plays an important role in contributing to Notre Dame’s distinction as a center of faith and learning by their own commitment to excellence in the daily conduct of their work.

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