The Human Resource Policy Manual is the official source of policies and procedures for administrators and staff relating to their employment relationship with the University. It is also a supervisory guide for the consistent application of University policies in the daily management of individual departments and work groups. The manual is not inclusive of all University policies, practices, or procedures. Individual departments may establish additional policies or practices specific to their units based on operational needs.

Questions regarding the interpretation of these University policies or procedures should be directed to individual supervisors, the Human Resources call center at 631-5900, or to a HR Consultant with the Office of Human Resources. Copies of policies may be obtained by printing them directly from the manual or by request from any supervisor.

The Human Resource Policy Manual is not intended to be a contract of employment, express or implied, between any employee and the University of Notre Dame. Indiana is an “at will” employment state. This means that either the employee or the University may end the employment relationship at any time without cause.

Table of Contents



  • Applicant Screening
    • Posting Requirements
    • Applicant Eligibility
    • Applications for Employment
    • Recruitment Advertising
    • Search Firms
    • Interview Process
    • Offers of Employment
    • Pre-Employment Background Reviews
      • Criminal Records Verification
      • Pre-Employment Drug Testing
      • Pre-Employment Physical Examinations
      • Pre-Employment Reference

Employee Relations




General Information

Institutional Policies

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