Top 5 FAQ Answers

Q: How can I get a new Anthem ID card?

A: To get a new Anthem ID card, you must first log in to Anthem or register for an account and then log in by visiting Once you are logged in, click on “Your ID Card.” From there, you may print, email, fax, mail or download your ID card. You may also access your ID card through the Anthem Sydney Health app by downloading it in the Google Play or Apple App store.

Q: How do I change my HSA contribution?

A: The following steps will provide assistance in making changes to your annual HSA contribution elections:

1. Log into This site uses your netID and password to log in via Okta. Okta enrollment instructions and more Okta information is available at:

2. Once you have logged into, select “Initiate Qualifying Events”, which is located on the right-hand side of the screen under “Quick Links”. For the Qualifying Event Name, select “HSA Employee Contribution Change”. Follow the on-screen instructions for selecting the effective date for your HSA contribution change.

3. On the Agreement Acceptance page, click on each of the “Employee Usage Agreement” and “Legal Agreement” links to authorize online election changes (you will confirm the elections in a later step). Then select the green “Continue” button. On the Demographics page, review and confirm your employee information before selecting the green “Save & Continue” button.

4. On the “Select your Benefit Plans” page, select the amount you would like to annually contribute to the Health Savings Account. This is an annual election. Your employee contributions to the HSA for the remainder of the calendar year will equal your desired annual election, less any year-to-date employee HSA amounts already contributed to your account, spread over the anticipated number of payroll periods for the remainder of the year. This amount per pay period for the remainder of the year may not match the “Total Cost” amount displayed on the site.

5. Once the updated annual employee HSA contribution amount has been entered, select the yellow “Enroll Now” button. Review your election before selecting the green “Continue” button.

6. Review your Beneficiary’s information before selecting the green “Save & Continue” button. HSA beneficiaries may be elected via Fidelity through

7. Lastly, review your confirmation statement and select the green “Finish” button.

Q: How can I receive a free second opinion on my care if I am hospitalized with COVID-19?

A: The University of Notre Dame is offering employees and their family members who are enrolled in the medical
insurance plans access to the Cleveland Clinic’s MyConsult 2nd opinion program at no cost for the review of high risk and complex COVID-19 diagnoses and treatment plans. Please review the Cleveland Clinic’s My Consult brochure to learn more about your ability to access their COVID-19 Inpatient Expertise.

Q: Where can I get a COVID-19 test in the community?

A: Please visit this Off-campus Testing Locations page to learn where you can get a COVID-19 test in the community.

Q: How do I change my 403b voluntary election? How do I schedule a confidential one-on-one consultation with a Fidelity Planning and Guidance Consultant regarding my UND 403(b) Retirement Plan?

A: Faculty and staff who make (or wish to make) voluntary contributions to the University of Notre Dame 403(b) Retirement Plan can personally manage their voluntary contributions online. To change or cancel your voluntary contributions:

  1. Log in to
  2. Follow the Contribution Amount link under Quick Links.
  3. For help, see the how-to guide, or call a Fidelity representative at 877-963-0242.

To schedule a confidential one-on-one consultation, visit If you prefer to schedule a consultation over the phone, call 877-963-0242 to speak with a Fidelity representative.

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