ND Voice 2019: A New Look at Employee Engagement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the survey really anonymous?

Yes. To preserve the anonymity of the survey, the survey is administered by an outside agency – Quantum Workplace. Your email invitation from Quantum will contain a unique, randomly generated link to the survey. Notre Dame does not know which employee received a certain link, nor does Notre Dame have access to the computer systems containing your survey responses. Quantum has a contractual agreement with the University to remove personally identifying information from the results, compiling only aggregate data and anonymous comments for the University.

How do I take the survey?

An email on the University’s behalf will be sent to all participants from the survey administrator, Quantum Workplace. The email will contain a unique link for you to access your survey.

How can I take the survey in a different language?

Thanks to the Google Translate tool, the survey can be easily translated into a variety of languages, making it easier than ever for all staff to participate. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to translate ND Voice 2019: A New Look at Employee Engagement

How long is the survey?

Most respondents complete the survey in less than twenty minutes.

Will I be able to write in comments on the survey? Are these comments also anonymous?

Yes, you may offer candid comments at the end of the survey. To maintain confidentiality, comments are provided to the University without identification of the respondent. Please note: the comments themselves are not edited. Respondents who wish to comment anonymously should not reveal their identity within the comment.

My department/unit is small, and we will not receive our results. Why?

To preserve the survey’s anonymity, results for a particular unit or department are only reported if at least five respondents from that department complete the survey. Results representing fewer than five respondents are not reported. In most cases, reports will combine a number of smaller units. (Example: Building Services will receive a report for all custodial staff, but not for individual supervisor groups.)

What will be done with the information gathered by the survey?

Quantum Workplace will analyze the data and tabulate the total results for each question. They will compare Notre Dame’s results to the norms from other employers’ surveys they have conducted in the United States, and share these cumulative reports with the University. The University will share the overall results with employees, and will also provide each department with its own results. The University will review the results and identify opportunities to improve the work experience at Notre Dame. Each department is similarly asked to review the data to identify opportunities for improvement.

Who will participate in the survey?

All regular full or part time staff and some participating faculty will participate in the survey. Interns will also be invited to participate. The survey will not be administered to most faculty, post docs, or temporary/on-call employees.

What if I don’t have enough time to finish my survey in one sitting?

You may exit out of your survey at any time. Your answers will be saved, and you may re-access your survey by clicking the original link provided in your email from Quantum Workplace.

I’ve misplaced my email from Quantum Workplace. What do I do?

You may email surveysupport@quantumworkplace.com and request your link be resent. Note: your link cannot be used by another individual, and will only permit a survey to be submitted once.

Can I change my answers?

You may return to previously answered questions and change your responses if you have not yet submitted your survey. Once the “Submit Survey” button at the end of your survey is clicked, your responses are submitted to Quantum Workplace and cannot be changed.

What if I have a question not answered here?

Please email your question to Quantum Workplace at surveysupport@quantumworkplace.com. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.