ND Voice 2016


What is ND Voice 2016?

ND Voice 2016 is the University’s sixth biennial employee engagement survey. Since 2006, this confidential survey has asked your opinions on workplace topics such as training, benefits, management and more. Your feedback helps the University—and your department—spot opportunities and take action.

Who should take the survey?

If you are a Notre Dame staff member, we want your feedback – even if you’ve taken a previous survey. University-wide participation in ND Voice 2016 is key to the survey’s goals: spotting issues and taking action.

What happens after the survey?

The University looks at the overall results, and each department also looks at its own results. When the results are compared to previous surveys, trends emerge. Did prior action areas improve? Have new opportunities developed? A lot can change in two years, and your feedback starts the sort of conversations that have already led to many positive changes.


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In the fall of 2012, executive vice-president John Affleck-Graves initiated open one-on-one meetings to give staff an opportunity to meet, share ideas, and voice concerns. Close to 200 meetings have since taken place. When staff expressed a desire for greater development opportunities in the first (2006) ND Voice survey, the University increased development and training programs significantly—including the new Ivy Tech program, which has since enabled 98 staff to earn their AAS in Business Administration. When ND Voice results revealed a need for HR to share knowledge internally, the department created an internal website—InsideHR—where staff could post, share, and collaborate on content. The site now averages 800 views per month.

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