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ND Voice 2019: A New Look at Employee Engagement

ND Voice 2019: A New Look at Employee Engagement is the University’s seventh biennial employee engagement survey. This confidential survey asks your opinions on workplace topics such as training, benefits, management, and more. Your feedback helps the Notre Dame workplace – and your department – be the best it can be.

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HR Consultants

HR Consultants provide guidance and support to managers and employees of designated departments with special emphasis on issues related to performance management and employee relations. They understand all operational facets of the departments they support, including strategic objectives, financial matters and personnel issues in order to deliver the most effective solutions possible. HR Consultants can also be used as a catalyst for helping a department or group foster new perceptions, to reframe or redefine a problem, or plan for the future. The most basic consulting is a brief, informal conversation. The more sophisticated consultation involves a complete intervention and can take several months for completion. Click here for more information.

Work Place Issue Resolution

The University of Notre Dame is committed to assisting staff and faculty members with issues in the work place. Policies and procedures have been designed to assist in addressing conflicts and issues in their earliest stages.

Any questions regarding work place issues resolution can be directed to the HR Consultant for that area.

Sexual Harassment Complaint Resolution

The University of Notre Dame prohibits sexual harassment by all faculty, students, and staff or by any other person associated with Notre Dame. To inform, educate, and provide guidance on handling sexual harassment complaints, refer to the following:

The Office of Institutional Equity’s website contains frequently asked questions and information on the contact persons and ombudspersons designed to discuss issues with concerned individuals.

If your department would like sexual harassment supervisory training please contact Professional Development for a custom training class.

Complaint Procedure for Staff (Nonexempt) Employees

It is important to the University that as an employee, you are treated fairly and that you receive prompt response to a problem or complaint. For this reason, a formal complaint procedure to promote prompt and responsible resolution of issues is provided to employees. You can use this procedure freely and without fear of retaliation. HR Consultants are available to assist you throughout the procedure.

Staff (Nonexempt) Procedure

Staff Advisory Council (SAC)

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is a group of non-exempt staff with representatives from a variety of departments and colleges.

State and Federal Notices and Employment Posters

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