Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

A spouse or partner of a new permanent full-time faculty or staff member who is being employed by the University through a regional or national recruitment effort, who will become or is unemployed due to their relocation.

Am I guaranteed in securing employment through this program?

The DCAP does not create an entitlement to employment nor does it guarantee placement. We will give you personalized job-search support that is tailored to your unique skills and talents; however, your own job-search efforts are critical to the success of this program.

What if I am not yet eligible to work in the U.S.?

If you are waiting for authorization to work, you can still secure information about local employers and network partners. In that way, you can start researching options and be better prepared to work with the DCA office when you secure proper authorization.

What are “Network Partners”?

These are organizations in the local and regional communities who have agreed to work with the DCA office in an effort to find the best talent for positions in their organizations. The partnership works two ways and Notre Dame may be able to assist these partners if they have spouses who are also conducting job searches and have an interest in higher education.

Will I be given preferential treatment for open positions at Notre Dame?

If you apply to an open position at Notre Dame, we will make the hiring manager aware of your status as a relocating spouse or a spouse of a continuing faculty member. The hiring manager’s decision is based on identifying the candidate who possesses the best qualifications and prior experience level for the open position. The DCA office does not interfere with the hiring policies or procedures of the University.

Can you help me if I only want to secure part-time employment?

Yes, the same menu of services is available, even if you are not seeking a full-time position.

Can you help me find an academic position at Notre Dame or at another local institution of higher learning?

Yes, we can assist you in your search if you are seeking this type of position. We have business contacts in the community and at other academic institutions. If you are only interested in Notre Dame, we will be sure to forward your curriculum vitae to the appropriate people on campus.

What is the best way to start working with the DCA office?

The first step is to complete the initial consultation form. Once your request is received and reviewed, you will receive an email from the DCA Program Manager on eligibility and next steps.

What is the format for the first meeting with the DCA Program Manager?

The first meeting is a two-way discussion that gives the client an opportunity to learn about the services extended by the DCA office and gives the Dual Career Assistance Consultant the opportunity to learn more specifically about the needs of the client. A few typical topics that are discussed include the client’s career interests and skills, timeline for relocating and employment availability dates, interest in informational interviews, the role of our network partners, industry preferences, and the client’s “sense of urgency” to find a suitable position. Short-term action plans are designed during this meeting to assure that the process moves forward.

What job search tools are given to assist/assist clients in their search?

The DCA office offers many tools and customized assistance including power points and information on resume and CV preparation, effective interviewing, cover letter preparation and professional business image tips. Additional information on local employment demographics, local and regional job boards and tips on navigating Notre Dame’s employment website are also shared. Practice networking and interviewing sessions are popular services that are utilized by dual career clients and the DCA office many times paves the way for clients to talk to people on campus or in the community that might have opportunities aligned with their interests.

If I secure employment, can I use the Dual Career Assistance Office as a reference?

The DCA office does not provide references for clients. References given to potential employers should be those who can speak with a great degree of validity about your past professional contributions, accomplishments and successes. Colleagues in your particular field or previous supervisors are the best references.





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