Market Reference Ranges

Includes jobs involved in the recruitment and processing of new employees. Typical activities include determining recruiting resources and process, screening and interviewing applicants, administering of medical examinations and conducting of reference checks to ensure the availability of the proper caliber of manpower to meet staffing requirements. May develop employment advertising and provide for the placement of ads in appropriate national and local media. May provide for coordination of temporary employment needs with employment agencies.

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Non-Exempt Individual Contributor (NIC)

NIC1 Assistant
NIC2 Coordinator
$26,756 - $53,512
$12.86 - $25.73
NIC3 Technician
NIC Career Guide
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Exempt Individual Contributor (EIC)

EIC1 Associate
$32,374 - $64,748
$15.56 - $31.13
EIC2 Professional
$39,173 - $78,346
$18.83 - $37.67
EIC3 Specialist
$52,139 - $104,278
$25.07 - $50.13
EIC Career Guide
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Management (M)

M1 Supervisor
$57,354 - $114,708
$27.57 - $55.15
M2 Manager
M3 Director
M4 Associate VP
M Career Guide
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