Regional Development

Market Reference Ranges

Includes jobs responsible for establishing, cultivating and maintaining fundraising relationships in a defined geographic area. Serves as a spokesperson on behalf of the university with potential donors and friends. Gift targets range from $100,000 to $5,000,000.

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Non-Exempt Individual Contributor (NIC)

NIC1 Assistant
NIC2 Coordinator
NIC3 Technician
NIC Career Guide
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Exempt Individual Contributor (EIC)

EIC1 Associate
EIC2 Professional
$50,115 - $100,230
$24.09 - $48.19
EIC3 Specialist
$67,921 - $135,842
$32.65 - $65.31
EIC Career Guide
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Management (M)

M1 Supervisor
M2 Manager
$94,572 - $189,145
$45.47 - $90.94
M3 Director
M4 Associate VP
M Career Guide
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