Talent Profile

TALENT PROFILE is a tool within Endeavor that enables employees to create an up-to-date profile of their career experience, educational background, and professional certifications and skills. It provides a means to make an individual’s talent and qualifications more visible within the University’s talent pool.


Completing the Talent Profile will help to document your professional experience and accomplishments, provide greater visibility of your background and skills to your manager, and assist you in your professional development and the achievement of your career aspirations. It can also help you prepare effectively for job opportunities because it requires careful thought about your past and present experience and skills.


In Endeavor, an individual’s profile details are only visible to the individual, those who have a reporting relationship with the individual, and to HR staff for talent development purposes.

Peers outside of an individual’s reporting line cannot view the individual’s profile information. The only information available to everyone is the data that appears on a department’s organization chart which includes a photo (if uploaded), employee name, position title, email address and telephone number.


Departments may decide whether to require completion of the Talent Profile or designate certain sections for completion. A department may also identify specific skills and competencies that are of particular importance in accomplishing the department’s goals and processes. If your department asks you to upload a photo, it should be appropriate for a workplace environment. Consult with your supervisor on the requirements set by your department.


You can access and update your profile at any time using Endeavor. It is a good idea to update it periodically with your latest accomplishments and major projects. You do not have to enter all of your updates at once; you can save your latest entries and return to it later.

NOTE: Endeavor does not save earlier versions of your profile and updates only those sections/fields you choose to edit.

QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE – Entering Your Profile Information

Access Your Talent Profile

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://endeavor.nd.edu and log in or go to https://inside.nd.edu, log in and click on the Endeavor button.
  2. When your home dashboard screen appears, select the self icon, click profile details, and then click view resume on the right.
  3. On the Talent Profile page you will see 11 different tabs which represent 11 different sections, similar to a resume. The tabs are: All, Location Preference, Work History, Project Experience, Education, Certifications, Skills, Languages, Awards, Memberships, and Attachment.
  4. By default, you will land on the “All” tab which has all the information from the 10 other tabs in it.
  5. Add new data by clicking the “+” icon on the upper left of each tab.
  6. Fields outlined in red are required when adding or editing information.
  7. Edit existing information by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the selected record.
  8. Save newly entered data by selecting “save” at the bottom right of each pop-up window.

Talent Profile Tabs


Shows current profile. Scroll down to view all information.
Update by entering data via the other ten tabs.

Click “+” to enter new data

• Award Name
• Institution Name
• Date of Receipt
• Summary
• Country

Click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner


• Click “+” to add an attachment
• Click Upload Resume to upload a resume

Click “+” to enter new data

• Language
• Writing
• Reading
• Conversation

Click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner


Click “+” to enter new data

• Job Title
• Company Name
• Industry
• Start/End Dates
• Responsibilities
• Management
• Direct Competitor
• External Higher Ed Work Experience
• Country

Click “Save” in lower right-hand corner

Click “+” to enter new data

• Certification Name
• Institution Name
• Certification/License Number
• Date of Receipt
• Expiration Date
• Summary
• Country

Click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner
Attach a copy of certificate in the “Attachment” tab


Click “+” to enter new data

• Project (Major representative projects)
• Company Name
• Role (Leader? Member?)
• Industry
• Location: Country, State, City
• Start/End Dates
• Responsibilities
• Project Manager Experience

Click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner

Click “+” to enter new data

• Organization Name
• Affiliation
• Description
• Start/End dates

Click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner


Click “+” to enter new data

• Degree (Select from drop down list)
• Institution Name
• Field of Study
• Start/Completion dates
• Summary
• Diploma/Degree received
• Country

Click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner

Click “+” to enter new data

• Skill Name
• Proficiency

Click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner

Note: Prior to completing this section, make a list of major functional, interpersonal and interactional skills that you have consistently demonstrated. Then, search for those skills using the Search tool. If not found, you may type in the skill (one or two words)

Upload/Edit Photo

  1. Save an electronic photo file to your computer
  2. Log into Endeavor and click the self button at the top left
  3. Select Profile Details
  4. On the left side of the screen under the space allocated for a photo, click on Edit Photo.
  5. The Profile Photo pop-up window appears and allows you to browse your computer files. Locate your photo and double-click to upload. Click “Upload” to complete.

For Managers to View Employee’s Talent Profile

  1. Log onto Endeavor and select the self icon in the top left of the screen
  2. From the list on the left side, click on “My Team”
  3. Scroll down to find the name of the employee you are looking for and then click the “Quick Links” drop down box.
  4. Select “Administrator Profile” from the list
  5. On the left side of the screen select “Resume”
  6. Select “Summary” from the drop down list to see the full Talent Profile.
  7. If you wish to go to a specific section you just select that section from the list.


What is considered a “representative project?”

Biannual planning and coordination of major academic symposia requiring a variety of actions is representative of a major project; scheduling participants for a department meeting is not. Representative projects are typically large in scope and require multiple, complex actions and the management of several individuals and/or groups for the period of the project.

Can I add other skills? What type of skills should I add?

Endeavor allows you to add skills in addition to what is already in the skills bank. If you decide to add skills unique to your function and role, use the most commonly understood word(s). Also, know that HR will periodically audit the skills bank to eliminate redundancies and label skills in the most universally understood language.

Does anyone have to approve the skills that I select or add?

You and your supervisor should discuss and agree upon skills and the level of proficiency that you propose. There is no formal approval signature required.

What about skills I learned in the past but no longer use (frequently)?

Include them if the skill is considered foundational to other skills and/or if it is one you could use at some point in the future.

Is Talent Profile used as a resume repository so I could be considered for a position I did not directly apply for?

Talent Profile allows your line of management to “drill down” and view your information so it provides an opportunity for functional management to know details about your background. However, at the present time, Talent Profile is not being utilized as a direct internal recruitment tool.

Will I be given time during my normal work day to fill out the profile?

Yes, you will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to enter information and to do updating on at least an annual basis.