Upward Feedback


Upward Feedback provides an anonymous and confidential means for employees to provide developmental feedback to their immediate supervisors to enhance the supervisor’s ability to lead their teams more effectively.

How it works

Upward Feedback utilizes an online survey consisting of rated items and open-ended questions that takes approximately ten minutes to complete. All supervisors and managers who supervise at least three staff are expected to be rated every two years; the process involves both a self-assessment by the person being rated and the evaluation by the direct reports.

The manager, supervisor and direct reports all have a role. Managers will identify the supervisor to be rated and conduct the debriefing of the feedback report with the individual. The supervisor does a self-assessment, identifies with the manager specific development activities, and communicates with the direct reports about the results. Employees of the supervisor complete the online survey and provide honest feedback that the supervisor can use to improve.

The Upward Feedback process is designed primarily as a developmental process rather than as a performance evaluation tool. However, once developmental needs are identified, the supervisor is expected to take the necessary steps to develop the needed competencies.

More information

Departments should work with their HR Consultant to decide the timing and implementation process appropriate for them. HR Consultants will assist with the planning effort and the logistics of the survey administration.