Performance Management Training Course



Thank you for participating in the Performance Management training course pilot and evaluation.

Note: this pilot training course is reserved for select University employees who have agreed to participate in its evaluation. For more information, please contact Scott Palmer at x1-9729 or

1. Pre-Survey

Enrolled learners: please complete the pre-survey prior to beginning any training modules.

2. Online Modules

Note: please do not begin the online modules until you have completed the pre-survey above.

Module Title Description Link
Getting Started Start here. This introduction to the course will let you know what to expect. Time: 3 minutes. Begin Introduction
Module One: Notre Dame’s Core Values Notre Dame’s core values are the basic principles behind everything we do, so they’re a good place to start. Time: approx. 9 minutes. Begin Module One
Module Two: Performance Areas A complete performance review measures your performance in three areas: your Goals, your Development Plan, and the University Values. Time: approx. 8 minutes. Begin Module Two
Module Three: Ratings, Comments, and Feedback A performance review consists of three types of input: ratings, written comments, and oral feedback. Time: approx. 9 minutes. Begin Module Three
Module Four: The Performance Management Cycle The Performance Management process is an annual cycle with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Learn what to do during each step, and when to get input from your manager. Time: approx. 9 minutes. Begin Module Four
Module Five: Endeavor Endeavor is the online system that you and your manager will use to capture all of the elements of your performance review. Update: Module 5 will be presented at a later date

3. Classroom Sessions

Module Six:

The classroom session on Goal-setting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 1:00 p.m. in the Grace Hall Lower Level Training Room.

4. Post-Survey

Training pilot participants: after completing the online modules and/or goal-setting class, please complete this post-survey (login with ND netID may be required).