Current Leadership Rotation Program Cohort

Chris Fruehwirth 160k PNG

Chris Fruehwirth came to work for Notre Dame’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) in 2000 where he managed Platform Services and was responsible for the design, delivery and maintenance of the technical infrastructure used to deliver many of the University’s IT services.

“I joined the Leadership Rotation Program for the opportunity to learn and engage in the many remarkable ongoing initiatives the university is involved in and to obtain better insight into the inner workings of the university.” –Chris

Nick Johnson 144k PNG

Nick Johnson joined the University of Notre Dame in 2010. Prior to joining the Leadership Rotation program in 2016, he served as the Executive Director for Strategic Communications, charged with the oversight and direction of marketing, brand stewardship, and storytelling for the university. He also oversaw the MarComm and Strategic Content departments, as well as ND Magazine and marketing analytics efforts.

“I joined the Leadership Rotation Program to expand my knowledge set of campus and learn from the talented group of professionals that work here at Notre Dame.” –Nick

Eve Kelly 140k PNG

Eve Kelly came to Notre Dame in 2014 as an Advisor for the TRiO-Educational Talent Search program, where she used her experience as an advocate for educational access to assist low-income potential first-generation college students to attain post-secondary education. She also assisted with the development and implementation of specialized educational and social services including a “School of Rock” program that used music as a vehicle to teach core-curriculum subjects.

“The Leadership Rotation Program allows me the unique opportunity to become a student of the inner-workings of the university and to gain the skills and insights necessary to become an effective leader.” –Eve

Kara Palmer 175k PNG

Kara Palmer has been with the University for 8 years in the Office of Human Resources. Over the last 5 years, Kara has worked as a Human Resources Consultant, partnering with leaders and employees in the client groups of Campus Safety, Notre Dame International, University Relations, Mendoza School of Business, the School of Architecture, the School of Global Affairs, the Law School and the College of Science.

“The Leadership Rotation Program is an outstanding and unique opportunity to gain insight into the various parts of campus which will ultimately serve to increase my understanding and appreciation for the University as a whole. This will better prepare me for the leadership roles I aspire to at Notre Dame.”

Angie Appleby Purcell 180k PNG

Angie Appleby Purcell joined the University in 2007, working first in the Department of Theology as the Director of the Pastoral Leadership Practicum for the MDiv. Program. Beginning in 2011 she became the Spirituality Program Director for the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

“I think the Leadership Rotation Program offers me a unique personal and professional challenge to learn new skills, be exposed to the varied people and initiatives of the University, as well as to serve the mission of The University of Notre Dame.” –Angie