Ivy Tech FAQs

What if I am already enrolled in Ivy Tech—can I drop into these classes?
No. This program is designed to be part of a sequence of classes for this degree on Notre Dame’s campus. Students already enrolled in Ivy Tech should continue to use the Notre Dame educational benefit.

Will credits for classes I’ve already taken count?
It depends. Basic courses such as English and Math from other accredited programs in which a C or better has been earned will transfer regardless of when they were taken. Other “technical” courses may not transfer. You should discuss your specific academic history with an Ivy Tech advisor.

What if I don’t get a high enough score to be considered “program ready” for Ivy Tech?
You can participate in the free math lab through Ivy Tech and/or take academic enhancement classes to brush up skills. After participating in these readiness classes, you can re-test at Ivy Tech. Thereafter, re-testing can be done once each semester at no cost.

Can I “test out” of some classes entirely?
It can be considered. There is an assessment test, fees and a requirement for submitting a portfolio. Students should discuss this with an Ivy Tech advisor. Costs for this are not covered under this program.

What if I don’t get a “C” or better? Will I be dismissed from the program?
Individual situations will be reviewed. If you are struggling with coursework, notify your instructor and academic advisor early during the eight-week semester so extra support can be provided to ensure an acceptable final course grade. If the final grade is below a “C,” you will be placed on academic probation and receive academic counseling and perhaps tutoring. Ivy Tech will consult with Notre Dame regarding these situations and recommend a course of action.

What if I find out that I can’t handle two classes a week? Do I have to pay for the class if I have to drop it? Can I take it in the future?
You will need to make that decision before Ivy Tech’s withdrawal period ends which is within one week of the first class session and return any books in new condition to avoid any charges. After the normal withdrawal period, if you drop one of two classes, you will be limited to one class per semester for the next semester. If you withdraw from both classes during a semester, you will need to wait for one year prior to re-entry into the program. Depending on circumstances, you may also be required to pay for a retaken class out of your own pocket and request reimbursement through the Non-ND Tuition Reimbursement Benefit.

If I have a difficult personal or work situation and cannot take classes for a semester, can I get back into the program? How does this work?
Each situation will need to be reviewed by both Ivy Tech and Notre Dame. The intent is to enable people to successfully complete the program, regardless of whether it happens within the prescribed time frame or on a more protracted schedule. Contact the Notre Dame program coordinator and your Ivy Tech instructor(s) if you need to take a break from the program.

Notre Dame is paying for tuition, fees, and books but what if I live in Michigan? Is there an added cost to me as an out-of-state resident?
There is no additional personal cost for Michigan residents who attend through the Notre Dame program.

Will I need a computer? What if I don’t have one at home?
Yes, you will need a computer for the Ivy Tech program. If you do not have one at home, you have options. You may use the computer labs on campus at Notre Dame or at Ivy Tech. You may also consider using the computers in your local library. If you qualify, some forms of financial aid can also be used to purchase needed supplies and equipment.

What if I don’t have the right versions of the software and really need to be able to use my home computer for homework, etc.?
Consider purchasing the software from Ivy Tech online through their online bookstore www.ivytech.bkstr.com. The Microsoft Office Suite package currently costs approximately $70 plus shipping and handling and includes Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Access and OneNote.

Will the Ivy Tech credits transfer to another university if I want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree?
State schools in Indiana accept several Ivy Tech credits towards a Bachelor’s degree and most private schools also accept those credits. The Ivy Tech academic advisor will be able to provide more details.

Will Notre Dame pay for me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree after this?
Notre Dame provides a tuition benefit to its employees called the Non-ND Tuition Reimbursement Benefit. The benefit reimburses up to $3,000 in tuition and covered fees per Academic year.

Do I get paid while I’m in class?
A non-exempt employee will be paid for ½ of the scheduled class time attended up to a maximum of 3 hours per week at the “straight” time pay rate. As an alternative, the normal work schedule may be modified to ensure that a combination of the actual work time and the class time paid does not exceed the employee’s regular weekly work schedule (i.e. 40 hours, 30 hours, etc.)

What if my supervisor tells me I am needed on my job during class time?
Business needs may have to come first. Efforts will be made to allow you to go to class. Be sure to notify your instructor if you need to miss a class.

Will any degrees other than the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration be offered?
No other associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in this on-campus format are anticipated at this time. The $3,000 per year Non-ND Tuition Reimbursement Benefit can be used for degree programs at other schools for programs / degrees.

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