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Programs in Business Administration

Obtain an Associate Degree of Applied Science (2 years) or Technical Certificate (1 year). The program requires placement testing and possible refresher courses in Math and English. Classes are conveniently conducted on Notre Dame’s campus.


Regular full-time & regular part-time hourly or salaried employees are eligible. On-call or temporary employees are not eligible to participate.

There are currently no ‘length of service’ requirements.

Application Process

Before applying, employees should consult with their supervisor to discuss their participation in the program, how it will impact their work schedule, and obtain supervisory approval. Complete the Learning at Work interest form. Send this form via email to shurley1@nd.edu.

Application Checklist:

  • Meet with an Ivy Tech admissions counselor prior to applying.
  • Complete the online Ivy Tech Application.
  • Obtain original or stamped high school transcripts or an official copy of GED scores to be submitted as part of application process.
  • Submit stamped college transcripts to determine transferability of previous college course work.
  • Take Compass Assessment or Asset Placement test. Assessment or placement testing is required for prospective students to determine their readiness for regular program courses but may be exempted based on prior college course work. Certain scores may indicate a need for academic enhancement study which will also be made available.

For further application information contact Ivy Tech Community College at 289-7001, ext.6862 and mention the Notre Dame Learning at Work Program.

Program Requirements

Technical Certificate – Standard 1-year Program

  • 30 credit hours
  • Two classes per week

Associate Degree of Applied Science – Standard 2-year Program

  • 60 credit hours
  • Two classes per week

Class Location, Days, & Meeting Times

  • Conducted in a designated Notre Dame facility
  • Announced each semester, subject to change
    • Currently:
      • Tuesdays & Thursdays
      • 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Academic Year
      • 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Summer Sessions


Each course meets for one three-hour session per week over 8 weeks.
Another three hours per week of online coursework plus 3 – 6 additional hours of homework and study may be required.


Since this is an accelerated program (16 weeks compressed into 8 weeks), each class covers a significant amount of information. Missing even one class compromises the ability to successfully complete the course requirements. Students are expected to attend all sessions and must inform their instructor if extenuating circumstances cause them to miss a session, arrive late or leave early. Instructors and the Ivy Tech Academic Advisor will determine what impact missing a class will have on successful completion. Attendance is taken at each class and reported to Notre Dame to ensure that proper payment is made for students per the pay guidelines outlined in this policy.

Academic Progress

Ivy Tech’s policies on satisfactory academic progress apply and will be used to determine eligibility to enroll and / or continue in the program. To continue in the program funded by Notre Dame, students must maintain a grade of C or higher in each course.

Program Information

Cost of Attendance
Tuition, technical fees, and books are paid for by Notre Dame. Students pay for any additional costs such as Ivy Tech parking pass, supplies, and expenses related to graduation. Notre Dame does not pay for internet access but computer labs are available on Notre Dame’s campus, Ivy Tech’s campus, and in public libraries. Students may also investigate applying for various financial aid programs through the Ivy Tech Financial Aid Office.

Withdrawal / Dropping a Class
Withdrawals from class may be done no later than one week after the first class session without incurring tuition and fee costs. After that time, tuition and fees will be charged to the University. Students who withdraw / drop a class after the official withdrawal period may be required to pay all expenses for re-taking the class out of their own pocket and, if eligible, may apply for reimbursement through the Non-ND Tuition Reimbursement policy. Students requesting to drop or withdraw from a course(s) must notify the Ivy Tech Program Manager and their supervisor. All paperwork must be completed in person prior to doing so.

Pay Guidelines
The University encourages participation in educational and skill development programs. With the intent to ensure that the employee receives payment for their regularly scheduled work hours during each week that they attend Learning at Work classes, employees enrolled in these classes will be paid for ½ of the scheduled class time attended up to a maximum of 3 hours at the ‘straight’ pay rate. As an alternative to this payment, the normal work schedule may be modified to ensure that a combination of the actual hours worked and the class time attended / paid does not exceed the employee’s normal weekly pay.



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