Computer Skills Training

As one of the Learning at Work Academy programs, Computer Skills Training was designed to equip participating Notre Dame employees with the computer skills they need to access and manipulate critical job-related information.

This training was introduced in 2010 with the commitment from the University to provide a hands-on, interactive learning environment that ensures participants’ ability to utilize computers both at work and in their everyday lives, reinforcing the University’s core belief that “computer skills are life skills.”

There are currently three levels of training available which participants complete in order. If however, a participant brings existing knowledge, they may request an assessment which may enable them to start at a higher level.


Regular full-time employees may request participation through their supervisor, who will contact or the program manager.


Classes meet three times per week for three consecutive weeks. Classes typically meet for 2.0 hours in the hands-on computer lab located in the Maintenance Center Training Room.

Schedules for classes are communicated for fall, winter/spring, and summer to supervisors, who will schedule their staff as work demands allow.

Class Time and Compensation

A full-time employee will be paid for ½ of the scheduled class time attended at the “straight” pay rate. The normal work schedule may be modified to ensure that a combination of the actual work time and the class time attended/paid does not exceed 40 hours per week.

Program Content

Level One

  • Access and navigate InsideND to complete basic employment related tasks: view and edit personal information, view and print pay stubs, view available incidental and vacation time, register for parking permit, etc.
  • Access and navigate to: view University Learning and Development Opportunities, view University Employment Opportunities, and View Benefit Summaries.
  • Use the Internet to search for information and find answers to basic questions.
  • Send, read, and reply to email.
  • Create simple documents using Microsoft Word.

Level Two

  • Review and demonstrate mastery of Level One functions.
  • Perform basic formatting functions in Microsoft Word, including creating a resume and a flier.
  • Utilize a flash drive.
  • Use advanced email functions including using attachments.

Level Three

  • Demonstrate mastery of program content by earning proficiency certificates for multiple subject areas including : basic computer skills, Internet, Windows, Mac, Email, Microsoft Word, and Social Media.
  • Complete an online course by utilizing one of ND’s self-paced courses..
  • Locate critical job-related information online by finding important information in ND’s SDS safety sheets.
  • Participants will be able to develop job-related SMART goals to be used during ND’s performance management process.
  • Participants will be able to analyze workplace scenarios designed to assist them with the Endeavor process.

Level Four

  • Review of all concepts learned (Levels 1, 2 & 3) and HR website features.
  • Understand cloud computing and how it works.
  • Participants will get an overview of Google products; Google email, Google calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides.
  • Access, navigate, use Skillport (
  • Review the “When To Work” and Diversey (DLMS) applications (Building Services).
  • Participants will learn to evaluate news information online – how do you know what is “real” vs “fake”?

To Apply

  • Notify your supervisor of your interest
  • Supervisors may contact askHR at or 631-5900 to communicate directly with a member of the Learning & Organizational Development team or the program manager.