What's new in Endeavor

Performance Management Changes for FY20

The Performance Management process opened early this year and underwent three additional changes based on feedback you provided.

What changed in FY20

  1. The process opened early for those who would like to set expectations before July. You are welcome to set expectations when it best fits the cadence of your organization.
  2. Comment boxes will be available again for each expectation to make it easier to comment individually on each item. Completing the single, overall comment box at year-end will be optional.
  3. There will now be five steps in the process instead of seven. The midyear review should be replaced by routine coaching conversationsbetween managers and employees. The new, five-step process is:
  • Employeesets expectations
  • Manager approves expectations (a conversation is recommended)
  • Employee self-evaluates and enters rating
  • Manager reviews, comments and enters final rating (after meeting with employee)
  • Employee signs off

*During the middle of the year, the employee and their manager should meet to review progress, make adjustments if needed and have feedback conversations. It is recommended that this be done on a regular basis. This usually occurs during one on one meetings, or when a work observation is complete.

For more information about Endeavor or the changes, please contact askHR at 574-631-5900 or askHR@nd.edu.