What's new in Endeavor - Dec. 2016

Endeavor, the University’s talent management tool for staff, underwent a system upgrade in December 2016. Several new features were added. Explore the new Endeavor.

Video tutorial – what’s new?

A quick video review of what’s new in Endeavor.

Newhome Endeavor now features a more streamlined homepage.

What’s new

New Homepage

The user interface has been updated and navigation made easier for users. The home page now has links to the Learner Dashboard, Performance Dashboard, and the Skillport learning resource site.

Universal Search

Previously, users were required to search for learning programs in one part of Endeavor and performance-related items in another. Now, Endeavor’s universal search allows you to search all of Endeavor from the same search tool.

Univsearch Here Endeavor’s universal search allows you to search all of Endeavor from the same search tool

New Location for Development Goals

Previously, development goals were managed within the Personal Development section of the performance module, apart from other goals and University Values. With this update, the Personal Development section has merged into the Goals section. For the rest of the 2016-17 performance year, users will manage development goals within the Goals section.

Please re-enter Percent Complete data

Note to users of the Percent Complete function: the Goals section will still allow users to note their progress by assigning a percentage of completion to each goal. However, any Percent Complete data captured prior to the update will not be retained after the update. Users who wish to note their goal progress using the Percent Complete function will need to re-enter their percentages.

Devplan Here The previous Personal Development section (shown above) has now been merged into Endeavor’s Goals section.

For more information about Endeavor or the upgrade, please contact askHR at 574-631-5900 or askHR@nd.edu.