What's new in Endeavor

Endeavor, the University’s talent management tool for staff, underwent a system upgrade. Several new features were added. Explore the new Endeavor.

What’s new

  • New Homepage
    The user interface has been updated to make navigation easier. The performance links have been re-organized and re-named.



  • New Manager Tools
    The new manager dashboard has new tools that will make monitoring and accessing employee performance reviews easier and more convenient. Managers will be able to see how many of their employees are at what step in the performance process.


  • Goals and Expectations
    Going forward, goals will be referred to as “expectations” in the Endeavor system.



  • Expectation/Goal Changes.
    You will now be able to edit already existing expectations/goals and add new expectations/goals all the way up until the fifth step of the performance process.
  • Rating Scale
    The rating scale has been changed. Where you previously filled out a rating for values and a rating for expectations/goals. Now there will be one overall rating for both values and expectations/goals.

For more information about Endeavor or the upgrade, please contact askHR at 574-631-5900 or askHR@nd.edu.