Step One: Create Written Marketing

At last, it’s time to take the actions that will move you along your career path.

First, your personal marketing tools – including your resumes, cover letters and interview mastery – should be updated to reflect your identified interests. This section of the guide will provide you with tips and suggestions on how to polish these tools.

Often, more direct assistance is needed in mastering this stage of the process. The Career Services office offers a variety of workshops to help staff develop more effective resumes and cover letters and improve interview techniques. For example, the Managing My Career series provides more in-depth assistance and an opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching after workshop completion.

Create Your Written Marketing Tools

Your resume, cover letter and any other application materials may be considered written representations of who you are and the type of work you may accomplish.

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to create documents that will stand out. Many job opportunities are competitive and can receive an overwhelming number of resumes and cover letters. Your marketing tools should be strategic, effective and efficient so they have the greatest chance of landing you an interview.

Everything you submit – whether online or on paper – should be thoroughly checked for proper grammar and spelling. Each of these materials should be clear and concise and convey your strongest selling points.

Resume and Cover Letter – Checklist and Samples

Below, you’ll see some examples of written marketing tools, as well as checklists of do’s and don’ts. Review these for assistance in developing or updating your personal written marketing tools.

Resume Checklist and Sample (PDF)
Cover Letter Checklist and Sample (PDF)

Remember – these samples only provide initial guidance. You should creatively build your own tools because each one is a direct reflection of your capabilities. We encourage you to do additional research, and attend workshops in the areas you need assistance with.

Need help polishing your written marketing materials? Consider the Building Strategic Resumes & Cover Letters workshop offered by Career Services. The workshop helps participants identify personal marketing strategies to increase the effectiveness of their written marketing materials. This workshop is a requirement for individual assistance with resume and cover letter coaching.

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