The Career Management Process


Reaching your career goals ultimately leads to a more satisfying work life. The three-stage Career Management Process outlined in this guide will direct you down this path to success.

Discover, Decide, and Do

This guide will lead you through three distinct yet complementary stages of the Career Management Process.


Stage 1: Discover

Assess Yourself

Research Careers

In this first stage, you will assess yourself. What are your skills, your values, and your vision? Knowing more about yourself will help you identify the career areas that suit you best. You’ll also research careers to discover what opportunities would be a good fit.

During Stage 1, consider attending the Managing My Career: Assessment & Research workshop.


Stage 2: Decide

Choose a Focus

Set Goals

In the second stage, you’ll choose a career focus and commit to it by setting goals.

When you reach Stage 2, consider attending the Managing My Career: Deciding & Setting Career Goals workshop.


Stage 3: Do

Take Action

Once you’ve discovered your preferred career paths and set goals to get there, it’s time to take action.

As you approach this third stage, consider attending the Managing My Career: Taking Action workshop.

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