Career Exploration


Are you trying to find some direction for your current career? Perhaps you are contemplating a career change? Conducting research into different career paths that may interest you is very important. The more research you do, the more likely a career path will become evident.

Fortunately, there is help…you do not have to do this alone. There are resources through the ND HR website, as well as on the internet, to help you do some self-directed career exploration. Following are a few examples:

ND Career Knowledge Resources

Begin your exploration by visiting the HR Compensation website. It provides a wealth of information about the kind of jobs that exist at Notre Dame, the salary ranges for each type of position, and the basic requirements for each. You can assess how your qualifications and interests compare to the requirements.

Here’s a quick “how to” guide on using this resource:

  1. Click on the link above to visit the HR Compensation Website.
  2. Select a Job Family you’d like to explore. There are 15 from which to choose.
  3. Select a Sub-Family from the list generated within the Family you’ve chosen. There are close to 200 Sub-Families you can select.
  4. Review the General description of the Sub-Family, the three Career Streams (NIC, EIC, & M), and the salary ranges for the levels where positions exist.
  5. Click on the Career Guide at the bottom of the Career Stream column (NIC, EIC, or M). You’ll see the six items that assist in determining the level of a position. They are: Level of Knowledge, Problem Complexity, Autonomy & Responsibility, Organizational Scope and Impact, Influencing & People Leadership, and Educational Preparation.

Once you’ve found a job type you’d like to pursue, it’s time to see if there are any positions available. is the site to explore current openings on campus. You’ll find specific job posting information that can help you determine if this is a possible opportunity for you. Follow the link above for further details.

Other Resources

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