Career Assessments



Whether pondering your first or your fifth career move, it is sometimes difficult to know that the career you are pursuing is what you truly want. Whether through self-assessments of just working through a checklist, you can gain a greater understanding of your skills, preferences, and values as well as your vision of life and work. This can ultimately help in leading to a fulfilling career or more satisfying work life. For information on assessments, contact askHR.

Career Suitability Assessments (* = University Offered)

  • *Harrison Assessment – The Harrison Assessment is a talent solution tool that uses a work preference questionnaire to assess an individual’s suitability for a job type or career area. It can be used to assess the likely success and satisfaction a person will achieve, to take advantage of developmental exercises to enhance potential success, and to provide lists of potentially suitable career areas based on assessment of specific traits.
  • Career Fit – A checklist to determine your career fitness level…where you stand and what steps you might take to prepare for next steps in your career journey. Click here to access.

Interest & Skill Assessments (Fees may be charged)

Personality Style Assessments

  • *Myers – Briggs Type Indicator (MBTi) – The MBTi is an on-line, self-report questionnaire designed to make Jung’s theory of psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life by identifying valuable differences between people that can enhance understanding and communication. The information enhances understanding of yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas for growth and can help individuals appreciate the differences and unique contributions of others. The MBTi is often used as a team-building tool.

Behavioral Assessments

  • *DISC – DISC is an assessment that reports a person’s behavioral and communication style based on patterns of behavior that can be grouped into four major styles. All individuals demonstrate characteristics common to all of the styles but typically demonstrate a preference for one style. This instrument can help you see yourself as others see you and provide an understanding of how you might adjust your behavioral approach to interact more effectively with those who are different than you.

Online assessment takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Printed 22 page report describes your preferred style, your Adapted (secondary) style, your preferred work environment, and best ways to communicate/interact with you.

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