Parental Leave - FAQ

Which parents may take Parental Leave?
Parental Leave is available to both parents if employed at Notre Dame.

What is the eligibility requirement?
Immediate eligibility for full-time staff.

Will the parental leave benefit be retroactive to births prior to July 1, 2016?
No. To qualify for Parental Leave, the date of the qualifying birth or adoption must be July 1, 2016 or after.

If I am not eligible for FMLA, can I still be eligible for Parental leave?
Yes, if you meet the criteria listed in the Parental Leave policy. Parental Leave eligibility is immediate and is not tied to FMLA eligibility which has different criteria.

I am unable to take four consecutive weeks due to my work commitments. What are my options?
You may take Parental Leave in one week increments anytime within the 12-month period following the qualifying birth or adoption.

Can I take Parental Leave in days or hours?
No. One week is the minimum time for Parental Leave.

My spouse and I both work at Notre Dame. Can we take our Parental Leave at different times?
Yes. You each have four weeks and may take the Parental Leave concurrently or at separate times.

How does Parental Leave coordinate with Family Medical Leave (FMLA) and Short-Term Income Replacement (STIR) for mothers? Fathers?

Mothers who have an FMLA event due to disability for the birth of a child may wish to take their four weeks of Parental Leave immediately following their six to eight weeks of paid leave under Short-term Income Replacement (STIR). Or, they may elect to take it at a later time within the twelve months following the birth or adoption. In any event, paid time-off must be taken in the following order: Incidental Days, STIR, Parental leave, Vacation Leave.

Fathers may take bonding leave under FMLA and use their Parental Leave to be paid.

How do I apply for Parental Leave?
You must give notice in writing to your supervisor as soon as possible. Documentation of the birth, adoption, or foster care must be provided.

How is Parental Leave reported?

  • Non-Exempt Semi-monthly paid staff – Parental Leave is reported on the Report of Absences and Overtime Worked form.
  • Non-Exempt Hourly paid staff – Parental Leave is reported on the time card or electronic timekeeping system.
  • Exempt Staff – A record of Parental Leave is maintained in MyTimeOff.

Does parental leave count as FMLA?
Yes, if it is part of the 12 weeks of FMLA immediately following the birth of a child.

Can the dad use Short-term Income Replacement for the birth of a baby?
No. Short-term Income replacement is for the employee’s own illness.

As a new mom, can I take 12 weeks of FMLA, some of which will be unpaid, and then take my parental leave later in the year?
The University does not permit someone to be unpaid if they have paid time available to them. In this scenario, parental leave is paid time and would have to be used prior to going unpaid.

Can Parental Leave be used for a sick child?
No. Incidental Days are used for a sick child.