Incidental Days

for Non-Exempt Staff

The University of Notre Dame recognizes that staff or their family members occasionally get sick or injured. The University provides income protection when non-exempt staff are absent from work due to their own illness or injury or that of a qualifying family member.


Incidental Days are available to regular full-time and part-time non-exempt staff who work a regular schedule of twenty hours or more per week after the completion of the staff member’s 90-day orientation period.

About the Policy

For complete information about Incidental Days, please consult the Incidental Days policy.

At the beginning of each calendar year thereafter, ten (10) Incidental Days (80 hours) will be allocated to each full-time, non-exempt staff member.

Part-time non-exempt staff will be allocated a pro-rated number of days based on the employee’s average weekly schedule.

The Incidental Days allocation will be replenished at the beginning of each calendar year. Unused days will not carry over to the following calendar year.


Incidental Days may be used for personal illness or injury or that of a qualifying family member. This includes appointments with a health care provider that cannot be scheduled outside of normal working hours. Two days (16 hours) may be used for personal reasons.

Available Incidental Days must be used for the one-week waiting period prior to income replacement under Short-Term Income Replacement (STIR).

Requesting Incidental Days

Staff must notify their department at the beginning of each workday when an illness or injury occurs or sooner if known. Days requested for personal business should be requested of the supervisor in advance. For staff paid hourly: Incidental Days are reported on the electronic timekeeping system during the pay period in which it is used.

Additional Information

Incapacity for more than three days with medical care, any hospitalization, pregnancy or surgery may qualify under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or the University’s Short-Term Income Replacement Program (STIR). If you or your supervisor believe your absence may qualify for FMLA or STIR, you must contact York by calling their toll-free number at (888) 436-9530.