Leave Management Resources

As of November 2019, our FMLA/STIR management vendor York Risk Services Group (York) is branded as Sedgwick.

Sedgwick is a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions that acquired York this fall.

Even though our FMLA/STIR management vendor’s name and branding will look different, their services to us will remain the same. The way we work with them will not change, nor will their processes or University contacts.


The University realizes that Incidental, FMLA and STIR can be challenging to understand and provides the following resources to assist faculty, supervisors and staff.

Requesting FMLA and/or STIR Leave

Faculty leave requests

Faculty may request FMLA leave by calling the Office of Human Resources at 574-631-5900.

Staff leave requests

Staff may request FMLA and/or STIR leave by contacting the University’s FMLA leave administrator, Sedgwick at (888) 436-9530.

Staff members must also notify their supervisor of the need for FMLA.

Resources for Faculty

Resources for Supervisors and Staff

Policies and Forms


Leave Management Training for Managers