Benefit Guidebooks

These materials have been created to help you choose the appropriate Medical network or plan for your needs, as well as provide information on Dental, Vision, Prescription, and other Notre Dame benefits and wellness programs.

Benefits Decision Guide

2021 Benefits Decision Guide (PDF)

This booklet is your in-depth guide to Notre Dame’s benefits programs, including medical, vision, dental, and life insurance options. The Decision Guide also explains the many other health and wellness programs at the University.

2021 Supplements

These supplemental summaries are provided in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which mandates their content and format.

Included are Summaries of Benefits and Coverage for Notre Dame’s HSA Plan, Notre Dame’s PPO Plan, Notre Dame’s Indemnity Plan, and a Glossary of common health coverage and medical terms for you to better understand your health coverage and determine the best options for you and your family.

Included in each Summary of Benefits and Coverage are policy comparison tools known as “Coverage Examples.” These examples will illustrate what proportion of expenses each plan would cover for three common, yet hypothetical, benefit scenarios: having a baby, treating breast cancer and managing diabetes.

Additional Information

Links to additional information referenced in the Guidebooks.

  • Dependent Verification: Information on the documents required to establish your dependents’ eligibility for benefits.

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