Biometric Health Screenings

Notice Regarding Wellness Program (PDF)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have made changes to our annual biometric health screenings program. Our faculty and staff colleagues will have the opportunity to receive a premium credit towards their 2021 medical insurance premiums through this program.

If you completed a confidential biometric health screening in 2019, you will automatically receive a $180 premium credit* towards 2021. Faculty/staff whose eligible spouses completed a screening in 2019 will also receive an additional $96 premium credit* towards 2021. There is no need for you or your benefit-eligible spouse to complete one this year if you completed one last year to earn the premium credits.

If you did not complete a confidential biometric health screening last year, you and your eligible spouse will have the opportunity to complete one and earn the premium credits towards 2021. You have two options to complete the confidential biometric health screenings by November 6:
1. Beacon Health and Fitness Centers – scheduled appointment required (participants will receive a free day pass to enjoy the facility)

  • Schedule online If you are a member of Beacon Health and Fitness, please read through these instructions to schedule an appointment. If you are NOT a member of Beacon Health and Fitness, please read through these instructions to schedule an appointment.
  • Schedule by calling: South Bend Beacon Health and Fitness (647-2660), Granger Beacon Health and Fitness (647-8418), Elkhart Beacon Health and Fitness (584-2404).

2. Your own medical provider: Print a screening pamphlet and take it to your own provider to obtain your written results. Present or fax (574-631-3377) your results to the Wellness Center by Nov. 6 to qualify. Co-pays or other charges may apply for screenings obtained from other providers.

More information

For more details, contact the askHR customer service center at or 574-631-5900, or see the FAQ below. Notice Regarding Wellness Program (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health screening? A screening is a 15-minute checkup with a professional medical provider. The screening measures common biometric indicators such as blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, body mass index, and more. For the most accurate results, fasting for 8 hours prior to the screening is recommended. Immediately following the screening, the provider will provide you a copy of your results on paper and briefly review them with you. The screening is voluntary and you are not required to participate in the screening.

Who is eligible? Free health screenings are available to 1) full-time, benefit-eligible faculty and staff; and 2) their spouses who are enrolled in a Notre Dame medical plan. Eligibility for credits/rewards requires completion of a screening by the deadline.

What are “premium credits”? If you choose to participate in the screening, there is a $180 annual credit (a $15/month credit) toward medical premium deductions for 12 months beginning January 1, and the $96 credit is an additional $8/month.

Who will know my numbers? Nobody but you and your medical provider. The Notre Dame Wellness Center (operated by Premise Health) and Memorial Health & Lifestyle assure the privacy of screening services in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. The University of Notre Dame has no access to personal health information obtained by Premise Health nor Memorial Health & Lifestyle, including information entered into the Wellness Center Patient Portal. Notice Regarding Wellness Program

Where can I find if I have a credit from last year? To confirm if you have received the Health Screening Credit in 2020, please view your paystub. Follow the directions on this website for Employee Self-Service or click this
instruction sheet
on how to view your payroll statement. Look for Medical-Health Quotient Credit on your paystub. The credits you see will be below.

Credit Amounts for semi-monthly or biweekly pays

  • HQ Credit – Individual – $7.50
  • HQ Credit – Spouse – $4.00
  • HQ Credit – Individual + Spouse $11.50

Credit amounts for monthly pays

  • HQ Credit – Individual – $15.00
  • HQ Credit – Spouse – $8.00
  • HQ Credit – Individual + Spouse $23.00