Staff Retirement Incentive Program

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The University is offering a Staff Retirement Incentive Program (SRIP) for full-time exempt and non-exempt employees who meet the criteria to participate. This voluntary incentive program will give some employees the ability to retire earlier and will allow the University the opportunity to review staffing levels.

The Staff Retirement Incentive Program is offered by the University of Notre Dame to regular full-time exempt and non-exempt, non-faculty employees who are not under a written employment contract with the University, nor a member of a religious congregation or order, and either:

  • Are at least age 55 as of January 1, 2019, and will have at least fifteen (15) years of service at the University as of June 30, 2019; or
  • Are at least age 62 as of January 1, 2019, and will have at least ten (10) years of service at the University as of June 30, 2019.

The incentive payment is determined by 4% of the employee’s final salary, multiplied by the employee’s years of service (not to exceed the employee’s final salary). Final salary is the employee’s rate of annual base salary in effect on July 1, 2018. The incentive payment will be paid in a lump sum within 30 days of the employee’s date of retirement reduced by applicable withholding for federal, FICA/Medicare, state and local taxes.

Employees who are eligible for the program were notified by letters that mailed the week of January 28, 2019. These letters included details about the incentive for which they are eligible as well as the election process.

A copy of the Human Resources Information Session presentation, with more information on the Staff Retirement Incentive Program, University benefits in retirement, and planning resources, can be found here.

To be eligible for the incentive payment, an eligible employee must make an election to retire under the Program. An employee must have made the election by completing an election form and returning it to the Office of Human Resources no later than April 30, 2019. After completing the form, the employee will retire on one of the following dates as specified on the election form: June 30, July 31, or August 31, 2019.

If the employee voluntarily resigns from employment, is terminated by the University for reasons related to performance or conduct, or dies prior to retiring under this Program, the employee is not entitled to and will not receive the incentive payment.

Employees will not be eligible to be rehired by the University as a regular employee. They may be eligible for hire by the University only as a temporary or on-call employee after 90 days have elapsed following the date of retirement.

If you have any questions regarding either program, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions PDF. You may also contact the askHR Customer Service Center at 574-631-5900 or by email at for any additional questions.