Open Enrollment 2019


Open Enrollment is your opportunity to make changes to your medical, dental, vision, life, and other benefits for the 2019 calendar year.

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What’s New for 2019

See what’s new in your benefits plan(s) for 2019. More information can be found in the 2019 Open Enrollment Materials.

Anthem replaces Meritain as our health plan administrator. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is replacing Meritain Health as our health plan administrator. With this change comes many exciting new programs. In addition, you will no longer have to choose between local networks. In 2019, you have access to one network that includes hospitals and providers locally and nationwide. You also gain access to a Health Guide through Anthem, which will provide a concierge level service that walks you through all aspects of your care step by step when you have to call in for help.

Steps to check your provider or facility’s in-network status:

  1. visit:
  2. Click “Search as a Guest”
  3. Fill in the requested fields
  4. Choose “National PPO (BlueCard PPO)” as your network

AskAlex, a new tool to help you choose the best plan for you and your family . Before you make your elections this year, AskAlex, will walk you through all of the decision points that you need to consider when choosing the coverage that is best for you and your family. AskAlex helps take the confusion out of your choices by using easy to follow language and prompts. Visit

LiveHealth Online. Effective 1/1/2019, members will have access to LiveHealth Online. This online medical service allows members to interact with a medical provider 24×7 via a smartphone application, or computer, to receive treatment for minor illnesses. Included, members will also be able to receive behavioral health treatment through the application, from the comfort of their home or office. For more information visit

Changes to the PPO . Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Maximums have increased.

Changes to the HMO . Emergency room visits will be subject to deductible and co-insurance to align with the other two plans. Durable Medical Goods (DME) will require a $50 copayment. Coverage for TMJ and impacted wisdom teeth has been added. Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Maximums have increased.

Prescription Drug Changes. A small number of drugs offered through the OptumRX formulary will be added, dropped, or will have tier changes. If impacted, a member will receive a letter in the mail from OptumRX outlining options available. Copayments for brand drugs have increased.

Flexible Spending.
Anthem will replace Meritain for the administration of Flexible Spending Accounts for 2019. After the new year, members will gain access to, which allow them to choose how FSA reimbursements are paid, on a claim by claim basis. Members will be able to have reimbursements sent directly to their bank account through direct deposit or choose to have a payment made directly to their provider. As in previous years, medical claims will automatically flow into your account, but, new this year, prescription drug reimbursements will have to be filed manually, as Anthem does not directly receive these claims.

Due to the grace period (1/1/2019 – 3/15/2019) associated with Flexible Spending Accounts, which allows members to utilize remaining 2018 funds for claims during this time, special steps are needed.

*For 2018 claims:
Sometimes there is a delay with a provider’s office filing a claim with your insurance, which means that a 2018 claim may not be sent for FSA reimbursement until the new year. If Meritain receives a medical claim for you that occurred in 2018, and you have funds remaining in a 2018 FSA, Meritain will automatically reimburse you, as they have in the past, with no interaction needed on your part.
*For 2019 claims:
Members have a grace period in 2019, from January 1 to March 15, in which they are able to receive reimbursement from any remaining 2018 FSA funds with claims that occur in 2019. Since Meritain will not automatically receive these claims during this time, members must submit claims manually to Meritain if they would like to be reimbursed with remaining 2018 FSA funds. During this grace period window, Anthem will not automatically process FSA reimbursements to give members an option to use 2018 FSA balances first. If you would like to use your 2019 FSA balances during this period, you must submit a manual claim to Anthem.
*After March 31, 2019:
Once the grace period window closes, normal processing of FSA claims will begin with Anthem. Members can log in to their account and request reimbursement.

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Open Enrollment Information and Help Sessions

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Open Enrollment Materials

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