Certain qualifying events allow you to make changes in benefits that otherwise are not possible until the annual Open Enrollment period. This summary outlines the benefit plan changes you may need to make as a result of your marriage. You have 31 days from the date of the qualifying event to complete the online change request and provide required documentation. If the change request is not completed within 31 days of the event, you will need to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to make changes.

Complete online benefits change request

Enrollment change requests are a two-step process:

  • Step 1. Log in to the secure site to process your benefits change request. Access MyBenefits via the My Resources tab in insideND or visit MyBenefits and login with your University NetID and password. View the Qualifying Event Guide to help you navigate MyBenefits (PDF).
  • Step 2. If enrolling dependents such as a spouse or child, you must present documentation to the Office of Human Resources to verify each dependent’s relationship within 31 days of experiencing a qualifying event. This step should be completed following successful completion of your online benefits change request. Please review the University’s dependent verification page for a list of acceptable documents.

Required documentation

  • Government Issued Marriage Certificate – copy
  • Government Issued Birth Certificate(s) – copy (if adding dependent children)

Additional items to review

Medical/Prescription Drugs, Dental and Vision

Now is a good time to review and compare your spouse’s health benefits with those offered at the University so you can choose the coverage that suits you best. If you are already enrolled in a University medical, dental and/or vision plan, you may decide to add your spouse (changing coverage levels from individual to individual +1) or your spouse and dependent children (changing coverage levels from individual to family). Coverage for your spouse and dependent children (if applicable) will be effective as of the date of marriage.

You may also elect to cancel your current coverage and join your spouse’s insurance plan. Before canceling, first check with your spouse’s employer to be certain they do not require that you maintain your own insurance if available. If cancelling, your coverage will remain active until the last day of the current month.

Life Insurance

This is a good time to reevaluate your life insurance coverage to ensure that you have proper coverage to accommodate the change in your family. You may elect to change your optional and/or dependent life insurance coverage(s) as well as update or change your life insurance beneficiary(ies). This change may require that you complete an Evidence of Insurability form.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

You may want to reconsider your participation in Flexible Spending Accounts by either signing up now or changing the amount of your contributions. If you are already participating, you may want to increase your Health Care FSA contribution to pay for your spouse’s out-of-pocket health care expenses and/or Dependent Care FSA contribution should you be gaining a dependent requiring day care services. 

Retirement Programs

This is a good time to review your retirement programs, investment elections, and contribution amounts to make sure they are consistent with any agreement you may have made with your new spouse about sharing financial responsibilities. You may also wish to update or change your beneficiary(ies).

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