Early Retiree Anthem HMO

This plan provides coverage for local, in-network services. Coverage for life-threatening emergencies while out of the HMO network area will be considered. Life-threatening emergencies are situations requiring immediate medical attention. Routine care is not considered life-threatening and, therefore; would not be covered outside of the network. The plan coverage is generally based on a co-payment per provider visit, not out-of-pocket deductibles except for in-patient hospitalization when a deductible + co-insurance is applicable. The plan does not require participants to select a primary care physician or obtain a referral to visit an in-network specialist physician. Within this plan, Family/General Practitioners, Internists, Pediatricians, and OB-GYNs are considered primary care physicians while other providers are considered specialists.


The local network for the plan is Anthem National PPO (Bluecard PPO). For a listing of participating providers, please visit their web site at www.anthem.com/find-doctor.

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