How Do The Options Work?

PPO Plan

The PPO Plan includes:

In-Network Services Out-of-Network Services
$500 individual deductible $1,000 individual deductible
Once deductibles are met for eligible services:
Covered at 85% Covered at 65% of usual and customary co-pay
Nationwide coverage for both routine and emergency medical care.
Flexibility to visit physicians both in-network and out-of-network.
No requirement to choose a primary care physician.

NOTE: The in and out-of-network deductibles do not cross-accumulate.

All services are subject to contract provisions and exclusions as defined in the benefit plan document.

Claim information can be obtained through Anthem’s web site at

HSA Plan

This option provides plan participants with lower-cost premiums in exchange for a higher deductible. All services received, including prescription drugs, are subject to this deductible, which must be met before the plan will begin to pay. In order to assist with this higher deductible, a Health Savings Account will be funded by the University with $500 annually for an individual plan or $1,000 with a plus one or family plan***. This special account, which a member can make voluntary elections to in addition to the University contribution, is tax incentivized and remains the property of the member even if they leave the university or switch to a different plan in the future. Individual accident and critical illness insurance is also included with this plan. Members may voluntarily elect to add this coverage to their dependents.

The HSA Plan Includes:

Requires designation of primary care physician No
Requires referrals for a specialist physician in the network No
Deductible applies to all services, such as
* Primary Care Physician
* Specialist Physician
* Prescription Drugs
Wellness Center visit $30 + cost of labs, etc.
In-Network Services
$2,000individual deductible**
$3,750 family deductible

**The individual deductible only applies when enrolling in an individual medical plan. Members who enroll in a family or +1 tier will be responsible for the $3,750 true family deductible before services begin to be covered.

Plans that start after 7/1 will have their deductible reduced by half. The account is funded during the first payroll after the plan is active.

Claim information can be obtained through Anthem’s web site at

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