The University offers benefit-eligible employees two options of dental coverage or the option to waive participation in the University’s dental program. Employees can make changes to their dental elections during the annual Open Enrollment period or when a qualifying event occurs.

Dependent children who meet the dependent verification requirements are eligible up to the age of 26, regardless of marital or full-time student status. Once a child loses eligibility, the child’s coverage will terminate at the end of the calendar month in which eligibility is lost.

Delta Premier (PPO) and Delta PPO, POS

Delta Dental is a fee-for-service dental benefit program that allows you to choose any licensed dentist for your care. If you choose a dentist who has signed a contract with Delta PPO, POS or Delta Premier, you will pay only your deductible (waived for preventive care and orthodontia) and coinsurance for covered services. If you choose a non-participating dentist, you will still be covered. However, you will be responsible for any difference between Delta Premier’s and Delta PPO, POS’ approved fee-for-service and the non-participating dentist’s fee, in addition to your coinsurance, if any.

For a directory of participating dentists and other helpful information, please visit Delta Dental of Indiana.

Dental Comparison Chart

When you are deciding which dental option to choose, please consider the features of each plan and take a few moments to review the Delta Dental Benefit Summary (PDF) to gain a better understanding of the differences between the options. This Summary does not replace the legal plan documents or contracts for each of the benefit plans and should not, in any way, be considered a contract.

The Delta Dental Plans require a two-year enrollment commitment. If you enrolled in a dental plan this year, you will need to stay enrolled in a dental plan during the following benefit year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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