EDP for Current or Prospective Vendors

Prospective Vendors
The Employee Discount Program (EDP) seeks to provide University of Notre Dame faculty and staff with product, service, and entertainment opportunities at discounted rates for both national and local businesses. Vendors interested in providing a discount to University faculty and staff should review the sections below prior to submitting an offer for consideration.

Note: Eligibility to participate as a Vendor in the EDP will be subject to and shall be determined only as consistent with the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Vendors for which a University faculty or staff member may have an actual, potential or perceived conflict, as defined in the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy, may submit an offer to participate only if the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form found at http://conflictpolicy.nd.edu/member-resources/ has been completed by the appropriate faculty or staff member.

Request to Participate in the Employee Discount Program (EDP)

To be considered for the EDP, Vendors must review and submit both the University of Notre Dame’s EDP Policy Agreement and the EDP Vendor Discount Submission form which are combined into the following document:

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